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A b o u t  Z a c k  M c G i n n 

Singer/Songwriter Zack McGinn is no stranger to the stage. Fronting a touring band for over a decade, he has seen his fair share of dive bars and dance halls.


Giving up life on the road - McGinn traded those dive bars in for a horseback sunset and long days in the West Texas heat, running and operating a ranch with his family. This lifestyle isn't for the faint of heart, but in true cowboy fashion Zack wouldn't have it any other way.


Living these two vastly different lifestyles has shaped McGinn into the songwriter he is today - painting pictures of life out in deep West Texas and reminiscing about life on the road -while integrating the grit that only a man who has lived the stories can do. 

McGinn brings those stories to life every time he steps on the stage. He is currently recording his debut solo album, set to release in late 2021. 

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